Announcing Global Go Analytics!

Global Go and Adams Cannabis Research partner to form

Analytics consultancy to launch with publication of
“Annual Report on Cannabis Law & Markets”

Global Go, LLC and Adams Cannabis Research have launched Global Go Analytics to bring custom research and strategic planning services to the total cannabinoid market worldwide. Tom Adams, former BDSA principal analyst and Arcview Market Research editor-in-chief, will be CEO.

“With federal legalization realistically on the horizon, this is the moment for companies and investors to look past the boom-bust cycles of the last couple of years,” said Tom Zuber, founder of Global Go, and managing partner of Zuber LawlerGlobal Go Analytics will be a trusted advisor for those who want to be leaders of the worldwide market for all types of cannabinoid products.”

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Tom Adams,” said Global Go executive chairman Paul Rosen. Many of today’s leading companies in cannabis, and in digital media before that, have relied on his forecasts and advice. He is quite simply the world’s most experienced cannabis data analyst and strategic planning consultant.”

Tom and Paul and their colleagues had the foresight to assemble a best-in-class team of cannabis industry experts on five continents,” said Adams. “It’s an exciting prospect to work with the Global Go team to craft strategies for non-cannabis companies that want to enter or interact with the cannabis industry, cannabis companies looking to expand into new states and countries, and governments interested in maximizing the economic benefits of legalization.”

In May 2021, Global Go Analytics will publish the FTI/Global Go Annual Report on Cannabis Law & Markets.” The groundbreaking report features market-by-market briefings by the cannabis practice leads at the partner companies: Global Go, FTI Consulting, Zuber Lawler, and Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG). “These are the best-informed people in the world on the state-of-play in their respective markets,” Adams noted. “Because of that, the report is a must-have for anyone planning their future moves in cannabis and will serve as the knowledge base for Global Go Analytics strategic advisory work.”

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About Global Go

Global Go provides sophisticated consulting services to the global cannabis and hemp industry.  In tandem with strategic allies around the world, Global Go serves clients throughout the world from offices in Austin, Bogota, Chicago, Cyprus, Denver, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Quito, São Paulo, Silicon Valley, Toronto and Zurich. Powered by a team of cannabis industry pioneers and world-class consultants, Global Go helps leading cannabis funds and companies assess and enter new markets; acquire assets; raise capital; launch new product lines; improve SOPs; comply with regulations; implement technology and security systems; find talent; diagnose and execute solutions to growth obstacles, and apply for cannabis licenses (with a 99% success rate on over 175 cannabis license applications across the United States).  Learn more at

About Adams Cannabis Research

Adams Cannabis Research was founded by Tom Adams in June 2020 after four years as managing director and principal analyst of BDSA’s Industry Intelligence group. In 2017, he also became editor-in-chief of Arcview Market Research as the two companies partnered on the comprehensive AMR/BDSA forecasts of worldwide cannabis and CBD markets and published the last four annual editions of “The State of Legal Cannabis Markets.” In those roles he brought to the cannabis industry the tools and skills that made him what the New York Times called a “leading monitor of the media industry” in his 20-plus years running Adams Media Research.

Tom Adams, CEO
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