Webinar Highlights 2020-05-05

Thank you to everyone who tuned in for our first Global Go Connect webinar on May 5, 2020!

We were so happy to see so many of you (virtually) attend and participate in our fruitful conversation about changes in the cannabis industry in light of COVID-19. Our webinar would not have been possible without our incredible host, moderator, keynote speaker, and panelists:  

  • Steve DeAngelo — Co-Founder, Harborside 
  • Andrew DeAngeloCo-Founder, Harborside 
  • Paul Rosen — Executive Chairman, Global Go 
  • Ryan Brown — CEO, Native Roots 
  • Daniel Firtel — Retail Partner, Cookies 
  • Chloe Grossman — Director of Corporate Growth, Trulieve 
  • Simone Sandoval — Director of Licensing & Compliance, Global Go 

This incredible team of cannabis professionals offered so many insights throughout the hour, we cannot wait for our next webinar! Below are some of our favorite moments: 

On growth: 

“There [are] opportunities for people to get drunk with the opportunity of expansion versus focusing on expansion that really enables them to fully flourish the core component of their brand and take it to a market where it’s going to be successful”    

Ryan Brown 

CEO, Native Roots 

On cannabis license applications: 

“If you’re thinking about starting up in a new place, make sure you’re seeing advice from the outset from a consultant or a lawyer. I’ve seen a trend where ownership and financial disclosures are becoming more invasive . . . assume everyone must be disclosed and if you don’t want to be disclosed, this might not be the business for you”   

Simone Sandoval 

Director of Licensing & Compliance, Global Go 

On social justice: 

“I have also been spending a lot of time looking at the plight of our prisoners, 40,000 + prisoners incarcerated on cannabis charges whose already unjust sentences may very well become a death sentence” 

Steve DeAngelo 

Co-Founder, Harborside 


Global Go will be hosting another webinar in June to discuss Bankruptcy & Distressed Assets in the cannabis and hemp industry. For more information on upcoming Global Go Connect webinars, please visit https://globalgo.consulting/ and connect with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter for the latest cannabis industry news! 

Watch the 2020-05-05 webinar in full here: